To My Dad and To Me

for a part of day, i imagine your face seeing my dormant eyes, hands holding my pygmy fingers, fingers running on my supple skin and your throbbing heart listening my swift heartbeats it was the birth  of me and the new you who's heart had a glee seeing my grins all around this long road hasn't reached to it's destination yet you still smile somewhere hiding in your bin and frown while seeing me years have passed and will keep passing people have come and will keep coming but we will be the same like years before when you  saw for the first and took my name -shibbydiaries

'We Believe But We Worry'

we worry about the days with no rain we worry about the days with no sunlight we pray to the Almighty day and night farmers for their farms parents for their children needies for some food saints for the nature and even the billionaire lays down in front of the Maker we say "we believe in his actions" "we trust in his functioning" then why do we recite our problems and wish to be taken away why don't we keep faith in  destruction and upheaval rebirth and revival by our Creator flow with the flow of nature let it show us flowering valleys  and  crying rivers -shibbydiaries

Anxiety (Mental Health Awareness)

Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one's daily activities.Nowadays,it is very common with more than ten million cases per year in India.It is usually self diagnosable.It has various roots such as overthinking,having unwanted thoughts,doubting upon self-worth.A person may get into anxiety due to certain stresses too like financial stress,school stress, etc.When not taken care,it can probably reach to next stage i.e depression.Here,in this blog,all the things regarding anxiety are kept short for efficient and fast reading.
COMMON SYMPTOMSRestlessness,insomnia,nausea,panic attacks,difficulty in concentrating,excessive worrying,avoiding people,irrational fears,getting negative day by day,overthinking etc.CURESPractice Self-love:If you are just hit by this mental health issue,you need not worry.Just practice self-love.The link to ‘Self Love’ blog is given at the end of the blog.For the people w…


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'Happiness In Different Stages'

as a kid
i used to get happy when mom gave me sweet dairy milk chocolates and dad held me in his warm hands
i used to get excited when grandmother would take me to the farmhouse and i could play with mud all around
i used to jump when dad would knock on the door and i could get an escape from mom
as a kid life seemed eternal fun and heaven
as a teen 
i get happy when mom gives me warm hugs and dad's appreciation pats on my back
i get excited when teacher in the class announces that i am the topper and the all time topper gives fierce looks
i jump when summer vacations are declared and high slopes become my neighbours
as an adult
i will get happy when i would buy my mom a saree and give my dad a peaceful life
i will get excited when i would hobble around the house with the degrees i made on my own
i will jump when the people would know my name and call me Khushi Mann-the girl who call herself shibbydiaries -shibbydiaries

'There Was A Time'

there was a time when walls weren't our friends and darkness looked hell night sky without soft streams of stars carried our happiness putting gloomy questions on our mouth- on which moon's poetries and stories spent hours and when the clouds came over we hugged our mothers in the fear today we all alone, sit and weep with the shadows and walls the night skies become an effortless dream for the young lovers and when the laments come over we squeeze are pillows as hiding in our warm hugs of mothers -shibbydiaries •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Check out my other poetic works here: 'And Now When I Look Back'
'Because Country Of Unity Is Forgetting Its Humanity'
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'And Now When I Look Back'

and now when I look back I realize how good I was and now when I think of past all of me was a big blast how the time changed? how all the things changed? how they changed me? with these questions I live in glee people were just a visitor to the museum of my soul who never applauded how smoothly they were let to explore they stepped they walked and eventually they dashed but I tried to remain the same and now when I look back I realize that was the time when all the things changed and now when I think of past all of me was not living as free  -shibbydiaries •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Check out my other poetic works here: 'Because Country Of Unity Is Forgetting Its Humanity'
'There Was A Time'
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Four Offbeat Places In Tirthan Valley